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Mental, physical, and relational health are inextricably connected and are the cornerstones to living a life of meaning and courage in both personal and professional arenas. I am dedicated to helping people and organizations connect, live, and work with greater satisfaction and impact.


Whether you are facing new or recurring struggles, individual therapy sessions are a collaborative experience that offers clarity and support where all parts of you and your story can experience value, respect, and healing. 

I offer trauma-informed care that respects the latest in neuroscience and systems theory customized to meet each person, each family, each organization with practices and strategies that offer sustained change and relief. There are many ways to heal, change, and grow. I am informed by the following approaches in my work with clients, groups, and organizations:

My Care Commitment:

Potentia Therapy is guided and informed by the following principles:


No matter the struggle, the story, the details I am committed to offering respect, compassion, and dignity in the presence of your courage to show up and ask for help. 

Quality + Specialized Care.

I am committed to continued study, training, and consultation so I can offer you the best care inspired by innovation, creativity, and informed by gold-standard research.


I strive to offer timely correspondence and communication to my clients. Your life is full and sometimes overwhelming. I get it and I will do my best to support you as you navigate the logistics of therapy.


A relationship with a psychotherapist is unlike any other relationship – highly personal + relational and also governed closely by laws and ethics. When you choose to work with a psychotherapist, you are receiving care that is informed by these laws and ethics which are in place to protect you and make sure you are receiving care that helps and does not harm. I take these laws and ethics seriously and err on the conservative side – even if inconvenient or awkward – because you deserve so.

Self Care.

I know this term has become nebulous – but not to me. I am committed to my own healing process, rest, play, creativity, and community. I know I can only support my clients as far as I support my own well-being. I live the value of self-care – though imperfectly – and believe it is essential, not a luxury.

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I am now 100% telehealth and am taking on clients within San Diego and the State of California.

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With gratitude – Rebecca

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